JSB diabolo - MATCH pellets

The MATCH series consists of the original models of JSB pellets and their tradition dates back to 1991. It is top competition ammunition known around the world. The high precision of processing of these pellets is characteristic of the whole range of pellets. Matches undergo a very careful manual output quality control. Thanks to this, top sportsmen can rely to the maximum on the quality of their JSB pellets.

The JSB Diabolo - MATCH series is primarily intended for target shooting at 10 meters. For this reason, they are equipped with a flat head, which ensures the penetration of ideally round and sharp hits into paper targets. They are manufactured in a wide range of weight and diameter variants, so that they can be ideally selected for each individual weapon.

MATCH pellets are tested by shooting at 10 meters. The required result of 5 shots after 5 shots is an average central scatter of up to 1.5 mm (circumscribed circle up to 6 mm).

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